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Dental Professionals

For all your dental questions, tap into a rich collection of dental knowledge from Lexicomp.

Dental professionals around the world rely on Lexicomp comprehensive drug, disease and clinical content to improve patient outcomes and to treat and diagnose patients at the point of care. Lexicomp is the dental team's choice to make safer and faster decisions with easy to use clinical information.

  • Dental-Specific - The industry standard for comprehensive pharmacology and clinical information written by dentists for dental professionals
  • Actionable - Practical clinical information to facilitate safer medication and treatment decisions
  • Efficient - Find answers quickly saving you valuable office time


Drug and clinical information is constantly evolving. To keep up with these changes and to provide dental professionals and students instant access to accurate, timely information, Lexicomp content is available electronically online and on the latest smartphone/mobile devices. Print materials such as reference handbooks and patient education are also available.

Lexicomp Online

An Internet-based platform utilized to provide quick answers to all of your dental questions. Improve patient care and treatment decisions with:

  • Drug, herbal and drug allergy interactions and duplicate therapy screening
  • Dental Alerts and Medication Safety Check
  • Up to date dental pharmacology
  • ePrescribing
  • Lesion diagnosis
  • Access to all Lexicomp clinical dentistry references
  • Pride Best of Class Technology Winner

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Lexicomp ePrescribe

Dental-specific electronic prescribing helps professionals comply with evolving regulations, enhance patient safety, and improve office efficiency by providing a fast, secure, and easy-to-use system for transmitting prescriptions directly to patients? pharmacies. Some packages integrate with valuable Lexicomp drug information to help support prescribing decisions.

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Lexicomp Mobile Apps

A mobile solution that provides access to our drug information on the latest smartphones and tablets.

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Lexicomp Integrated

Integrate Lexicomp dental-specific drug and clinical reference content and data directly into your practice management system to help further increase efficiency and enhance patient care. System integrations include Carestream WinOMS.

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Printed patient education tools as well as reference handbooks, including the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, the premier dental reference with over 425,000 copies sold!

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Dental eNewsletters

Each month a new article is published with information of recent reports regarding drugs and other events which may influence dental treatment. To receive these updates, join our mailing list!

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Solutions for Dentists

New Feature!
Medication Safety Check

Medication Safety Check

Now, the Lexicomp Online for Dentistry interaction screening tool features Medication Safety Check to help you make an informed decision on a treatment plan! Click on the Medication Safety Check tab to quickly view drugs from a medication category that don't have interactions with your patient's regimen.
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Dental Hero Behind the Mask

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Featured Products

  • Fruit BasketThe BETTER Referral Gift Idea - Personalized reference books won't wilt, spoil or run out - Give a gift that can help increase referrals.
  • Lesion Diagnosis - With the click of a button, quickly and accurately diagnose oral lesions! Available in Online for Dentistry PRO & PREMIUM.
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  • ePrescribing - Keep track of patient medication histories and send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy! Available in Online for Dentistry PREMIUM
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  • WinOMS Integration - Lexicomp is now directly integrated into Carestream's WinOMS practice management system.
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Dentistry Offers

Three new packages designed to provide the decision support you need!

  • BASIC - Core drug information and interactions database
  • PRO - Enhanced with lesion diagnosis and mobile accessibility
  • PREMIUM - Everything you needs to ensure medication and treatment safety while improving office efficiency