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If you are a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or nursing student, Lexicomp has drug information solutions for you. Our clinical content includes fields of special interest to the nursing professional. As you administer medications and manage patients, our resources provide:

  • Dosing by Patient Population
  • I.V. Administration Recommendations
  • Physical Assessment & Patient Monitoring Guidelines
  • Adult & Pediatric Patient Education

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Lexicomp. Focused on Patient Safety.

Nurses are the guardians of patient care, and your time is valuable. Concise, user-friendly Lexicomp solutions are designed to help you:

  • Stay informed about safe pharmacotherapy
  • Expand your knowledge of medications and conditions
  • Effectively counsel and educate patients and families
  • Improve patient outcomes

Together we can make a positive difference in patient care.

Lexicomp drug information resources are available in the following formats:

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