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Lexicomp develops superior drug information to support medication safety. Our comprehensive content provides clear, concise, and accurate information which is updated daily by our in-house clinical staff. Our database includes:

  • Dosing by
    • Route
    • Population
    • Indication
    • Renal/hepatic impairment adjustments
  • Special FDA Alerts/Black Box Warnings
  • Drug Interaction Analysis
  • Clinical pearls addressing anesthesia, cardiology, critical care, oncology, mental health and more

Please view our knowledge areas for more detailed information.

Drug Information Solutions For All Settings

If you are a pharmacist who is hospital-based, retail or community-oriented, in a consultant role, or employed in managed care, Lexicomp delivers exceptional solutions to serve you.

  • Benefit from the industry’s leading point of care drug information
  • Access timely, unbiased content, free from third-party recommendations
  • Save time with swift answers to drug therapy queries
  • Improve patient safety with multi-language patient education leaflets

Lexicomp drug information resources are available in the following formats:

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Lexicomp is the official drug reference for the American Pharmacist Association.

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