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Training Videos

Watch the training video to see what's new with the next generation of Lexicomp Online.

Lexicomp Online Overview Video

Lexicomp Online for Dentistry Overview

High-level overview of the new Lexicomp Online for Dentistry.

Lexicomp Online Interactions Video

Dental Alerts / Interactions

Training video explaining Lexicomp's Interactions module.

Lexicomp Online Drug ID Video

Drug Identification

Training video explaining Lexicomp's Drug ID module.

Lexicomp Online Calculations Video


Training video explaining Lexicomp's Calculations module.

Lexicomp Online Patient Education Video

Patient Education

Training video explaining Lexicomp's Patient Education module.

Lexicomp Online Dental Collection

Dental Reference Collection

Training video explaining Lexicomp's collection of clinical databases.

Lexicomp Online Patient ePrescribing Video

Patient ePrescribing (Optional)

Training video explaining patient eprescribing.

What People Are Saying

Below are some comments provided by a few of our users.

The fact that it didn't vary greatly from the last interface so I didn't need to learn a whole new interface to use the database.

Very clear and concise. User friendly. Simple design look.

I like that there are less clicks to get to the answer you are looking for and it is easier to use.