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Lexicomp Database & Module Descriptions

Available Databases


Our most comprehensive drug database, Lexi-Drugs covers every patient population, as well as the following clinical specialties: Pharmacy, Nursing, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Anesthesiology, and Dentistry. Independently rated as the #1 drug database for the PDA, Lexi-Drugs includes up to 67 fields of information, presented alphabetically, including: Adverse Reactions, Canadian brand names, Dosing, FDA Special Alerts, Medication Safety Issues, Pharmacodynamics/Kinetics, and trade names from over 100 countries.

Pediatric & Neonatal Lexi-Drugs™

Specifically designed for Pediatricians, other clinicians who work with pediatric patients, or in any situation where pediatric dosing information is required, this database contains detailed guidelines that have been researched and compiled by pediatric specialists. It includes over 850 drugs, with monographs that cover up to 39 fields of information, including very detailed neonatal and pediatric dosing.

AHFS Essentials™

This database provides a deeper level of actionable drug information and includes off-label uses. This database is ideal for more detailed questions at the point-of-care. Lexicomp ONLINE gives you the ability to search this database as well as link to this information directly from a Lexicomp or AHFS drug monograph.

AHFS Drug Information®

This database provides the deepest level of drug information with off-label uses and recommendations from an authoritative source. A recognized Official Compendium by the US Congress, this is the only drug information resource published from a professional scientific association. Lexicomp ONLINE gives you the ability to search this database as well as link to this information directly from a Lexicomp or AHFS Essentials drug monograph.


Martindale, the respected international drug reference, is available in Lexicomp ONLINE, offering an unrivalled global focus on the identification of medications, local equivalents, manufacturers, and more. Maintained with the same exceptional standards Lexicomp follows, Martindale provides an unbiased and thorough review of pharmaceutical products available worldwide.

Nursing Lexi-Drugs™

This customized database is a valuable reference for nurses and nursing students. Key fields of information include Administration, Monitoring, I.V. Compatibility and Reconstitution instructions, Dosing, and Patient Education.

Lexi-Natural Products™

With this database, you can review over 175 commonly used natural products in monograph format. Each monograph includes dosage and standardization, reported uses, active forms, pharmacology, general warnings, and other key information.

Lexi-Infectious Diseases™

This all-inclusive database assists in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, combining disease syndromes, organisms, diagnostic tests, and antimicrobial therapy into one easy-to-use reference. Monographs for Anthrax, Botulism, Smallpox, Ebola, and other potential agents of bioterrorism are included.

Lexi-Lab & Diagnostic Procedures™ (Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures)

With this database, obtain detailed descriptions of diagnostic tests and procedures, as well as current information concerning the background and context of laboratory tests. Access information on patient preparation, specimen collection/handling, and clinical test result interpretation within numerous clinical areas and diagnostic disciplines.


Stay informed about this expanding clinical field with the first-in-the-industry resource addressing key genetic variations that may influence drug disposition and response. This database presents fundamental concepts of genetics and genomics, and includes an alphabetical listing of drugs with links to the genes of interest.

Dental Lexi-Drugs™

This database contains vital drug information on over 7500 drugs. Each monograph contains up to 32 fields of information, including key Dental Health fields such as Local Anesthetic/Vasoconstrictor Precautions, Effects on Dental Treatment, and Dental Dosing for Selected Drug Classifications.

Geriatric Lexi-Drugs™

This specialized database contains over 840 geriatric-sensitive drug monographs, supplying up to 31 key fields of information. Extensive information on drug interactions and drug dosing in the elderly and adult populations is included, as well as dosing adjustments for patients with renal/hepatic impairment. Special geriatric considerations are covered.

Lexi-Drugs® International

This database complements Lexi-Drugs and contains information on select drugs available outside the United States. Basic information on dosing and dosage forms, as well as potential restrictions, is included.

Available Modules


This is a complete drug and herbal interaction analysis program. Enter a patient’s entire regimen, identify potential interactions, and obtain appropriate patient managements steps. The analysis includes a summary of drug interactions with an assigned risk rating to identify the action steps necessary. Each letter designation (A, B, C, D, X) represents the severity level of the identified interaction. A detailed interaction monograph is displayed by clicking on the interacting drug name.

Lexi-Drug ID™

This valuable tool provides quick identification of unknown medications based on Imprint, Dosage Form, Shape, and Color. Link to full drug monographs and additional support content when necessary.


Our medical calculations module is fully integrated within the Lexi-Drugs database. It can be launched from a drug monograph, from the Lexi-CALC logo on a PDA home screen, by tapping on the small Lexicomp icon within Lexi-Interact, or by accessing the Lexi-CALC module in Lexicomp ONLINE. Lexi-CALC includes over 70 calculations that address weight-based Pediatric ALS, dosing, drip rates, organ function, and other issues for both adults and children.

Lexi-I.V. Compatibility™

In partnership with King Guide Publications, Lexicomp delivers I.V. compatibility information with the King® Guide to Parenteral Admixtures®. This user-friendly resource offers access to over 450 fully-referenced parenteral drug monographs and allows the user to analyze up to 10 medication pairs at once for compatibility and stability in solution.

Patient Education Module

The Lexicomp Patient Education Module delivers patient education materials in one easy-to-use application. Our Patient Education Leaflets support compliance with JCAHO standards, covering information on medications (adult and pediatric), diseases, conditions, and procedures. Written at a 5th to 7th grade reading level, they are organized in a concise and straight-forward format ideal for patient counseling. Leaflets are available in up to 19 languages and can be customized with the patient’s name and clinician information. Choose the font, language, and number of copies needed for printing and distribution to patients.

Web Search

Expand your search capabilities to other medically-based web sites and primary literature. A single search provides links to trusted and qualified web sites, eliminating the need to search sites independently.

Lexi-Drug Plans®

Lexi-Drug Plans provides the formulary status of medications within 4,700 prescription drug plans. This module may be customized, managed, and edited by an on-site client administrator.


Lexi-Tox combines information on agents of toxicity, antidotes and decontaminants, household products, toxicology-specific calculators, and drug identification in one essential tool. Designed for healthcare professionals working in emergency and first-response situations, this resource provides immediate support for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of exposures and overdoses.

Additional Databases Available for PDA

Stedman's Medical Abbreviations

This valuable resource provides fast access to thousands of medical abbreviations and acronyms - and it's from Stedman's, The Best Words in Medicine.™

The 5-Minute Clinical Consult

This highly-regarded reference complements our software titles and includes over 700 medical and surgical conditions. Fields of information include: Basics, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medications, Follow-up, and Miscellaneous. Cross-linking allows you to launch into any Lexicomp database for more detailed drug information.

The 5-Minute Pediatric Consult

This database provides fast, point-of-care information on conditions seen in infants, children, and adolescents. This popular handheld database covers more than 450 diseases, addresses the treatment of 50 common complaints, and includes a medication index, syndromes glossary, surgical glossary, laboratory values, and tables.

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions & Nursing

Use this universal medical reference tool to look up definitions for more than 51,000 terms, with cross-links to related definitions. The word-wheel type index expedites term look-up.

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