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Committed to improving medication safety with innovative products and technology designed for healthcare professionals, Lexicomp offers a variety of drug information and medical applications for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire. These applications are tailored to meet the point-of-care needs of pharmacists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and dentists by storing content directly on the mobile device. Access to Lexicomp's up-to-date drug information and clinical content is a must for the busy healthcare professional who desires the necessary tools to make important medication and clinical decisions from the palm of their hand! Download your Lexicomp mobile drug information application on the Android Market.

Recent Enhancements

Several new enhancements have made Lexicomp references on Android devices even better in the past year:

  • Enhanced global and monograph searching - Search for keywords in database indexes and monograph text to immediately find the information you need
  • Email information from inside app - Email monographs and patient education documents directly to patients, colleagues, or yourself
  • Drug comparison tool - Compare selected fields from two drugs side-by-side using this tool
  • Expanded natural products database - Now covers twice as many herbs, supplements, and other natural products
  • Customize the order of monograph fields - Individual users can now reorder the fields in monographs to display in whatever order is preferred
  • Optimized for tablets - Tablet displays over 7" will now show a split-screen mode that allows for faster navigation through monographs

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