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Lexi-Comp ONLINE

Introduction and Overview

When you log on to Lexi-Comp ONLINE you will see the Welcome Page with the Search Panel.

Within the SEARCH panel are a number of Applications.

  1. Lexi-Interact™ provides the capability to REVIEW a comprehensive list of interactions associated with a specific drug, or to ANALYZE a profile for the presence of potential interactions.
  2. Lexi-Drug ID™ - a tool used to identify a drug based on any of the following characteristics: imprint, dosage form, shape, or color.
  3. Lexi-CALC™ - a comprehensive medical calculations application covering Infusions, Pediatric and Adult Conversions, and others, Lexi-CALC is a stand-alone application that can be integrated into fields within Lexi-Drugs monographs.
  4. Lexi I.V. Compatibility™ - provides access to the King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures. It offers the ability to determine if drugs are compatible and with which solutions compatibility is maintained.
  5. Patient Education Module - delivers patient-specific education materials on medications, diseases, conditions and procedures in up to 18 languages. Written at a 5th to 6th grade reading level, our patient education leaflets are organized in a concise and straightforward format ideal for patient counseling.
  6. Web Search - complements Lexi-Comp ONLINE by expanding the search capabilities to other medically-based web sites and the primary literature. A single search provides links to trusted, qualified healthcare web sites, eliminating the need to search sites independently.
  7. Lexi-Drug Plans® - provides the formulary status of medications within 4,700 prescription drug plans from across the United States. This application may be customized to limit the plans searched to only those applicable to a given facility or healthcare system.
  8. Lexi-Tox™ - supports the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of poisonings and overdoses by combining information on agents of toxicity, antidotes, decontaminants, household products, toxicology-specific calculators, and drug id in one essential tool.
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